Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Owning a business would be considerably easier if enthusiasm, hard work and dedication were the sole requirements for success. But the fate of every enterprise is ultimately dependent upon the numbers. That is why an accurate, easily understood and timely accounting system is an absolute must have. Otherwise, accurate records will be impossible to keep – and that is one of the worst mistakes a small business owner can make!

Need to save money?

Want to reduce stress?

Of course you do!

I can help you with both so as a business owner you have time to focus on the “business” and not the book work!


  • PAYROLL whether you pay on a monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis I can provide your payroll services. Along with the preparation of the payroll, I will monitor all pre-employment regulatory forms, make timely tax deposits on your behalf, prepare all the necessary payroll tax returns, and provide W-2 preparation and reconciliation at year end.

  • ACCOUNTS PAYABLE I will post your vendor invoices, provide computer generated checks, track all your credit invoices and advise you instantly when your vendors have been paid.

  • ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE I can mail out invoices to your clients, track the revenue, post daily sales and receipts, and advise you instantly if a customer has paid (and when they haven’t!).

  • MONTH END At the end of each month, I will reconcile your bank accounts and prepare all monthly journal entries. This will then enable me to provide professional financial statements including a Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

  • OTHER ACCOUNTING SERVICES INCLUDE accounting for all capital purchases and business tax return at year end.

Any or all of these services can be provided at a reasonable cost!

Call me at (712) 256-2800 and let’s discuss how I can help you achieve your goals and reduce your book work headache.